Anti-AI Policy (01.11.2023)

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Numerous brands and websites are now leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate content, a strategy employed by a vast number of entities. This shift toward AI raises concerns about the diminishing creativity, personalization, and overall value of written content.

AI-generated written content typically involves extracting information from existing websites and rephrasing it to avoid copyright infringement, effectively appropriating the efforts of real individuals in the field without due credit.

At Vintaked, our commitment lies in producing content that is authentic, human-centric, and close to our readers’ hearts. We achieve this by collaborating with creative minds and industry experts, including vintage specialists and artists. By incorporating feedback from our readers, we craft high-quality content, curated inspiration collections, and personal opinions rooted in passionate and individual experiences.

AI, however, falls short when it comes to providing insights into product quality, sharing firsthand testing experiences, expressing opinions on recent developments, or conducting in-depth interviews with industry figures for feature articles.

Our content is meticulously crafted by human hands and routinely reviewed by independent experts. Instead of mass-producing content, we dedicate time to each article to ensure it showcases the best images, expert opinions, and relevant information.

To maintain relevance, helpfulness, and timeliness, each article undergoes regular updates—precisely every three months.

Our commitment to delivering top-notch content entails hands-on research, exploration of concealed facts, engagement with industry insiders for unique narratives, and impartial product testing.

Vintaked proudly abstains from the use of AI for content creation, research, or fact verification.

As an independent publication, we steadfastly champion creativity within the industry rather than succumbing to AI-driven trends.

In an era where automated content is prevalent, we strive to imbue our brand with a personal, approachable, and natural touch.

From one vintage enthusiast to another — Relive it. Vintake it.